Introducing: The Baroni Lab 40w Amp (Among Other Things)

It has been a busy few months for us here at Baroni Lab, both in and out of the offices.  We are proud to introduce a new amplifier to our range: the Baroni Lab 40w head.  This is a great amplifier for medium to large venues, with plenty of headroom and the capacity to reach a high level of volume while maintaining a crisp clean sound.  Crank up the gain to hear its mean side. Expect a YouTube demo coming up real soon on our YouTube channel.

TV Audience
TV Audience

Outside of the office, our Baroni Lab demo band have been kept very busy, playing a number of shows to spread the word of our boutique stuff in university shows, as well as a spot on TV, where we played a great set in front of a live studio audience and millions of viewers.  The 100w stereo power amp and the 20w combo looked cool on TV, and it was a great experience for the band too.

TV Studio Stage
TV Studio Stage

We have also been getting a lot of upcoming artists in to record some original tracks in the studio, which has been great fun.  Among them was Riven, a powerful rock band with a light, spaciously airy guitar sound set against low rumbling distortion, with a strong rhythm section and soaring vocals.  We are pleased to collaborate with and support the music scene around us, and help to get some of these great musicians into the spotlight!  We still have more recordings to go, but a CD’s worth of original music, recorded with Baroni amplifiers and effects is the goal.  Expect some updates and studio footage on our website soon!


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